An Inspector Calls – or does he?

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I really enjoy training the longer 4 or 5 day courses as you can really get to know your learners and often end up learning a huge amount myself by hearing their views and experiences. There is often one member of the group that seems to act as that special social icebreaker ingredient that helps the group bond together. Last week I had a great group who all came from different regions and hadn’t met before but yet seemed to gel quickly.


Our “special ingredient” for this course was, Andy. To save travelling each day, he had booked himself into a small hotel for the duration of the course and on the first morning was not too happy. His room was above the kitchen and the chef had been playing “boom, boom” music long into the night. Although his breakfast was good it hadn’t been what you would call service with a smile. His bathroom had also been a little on the grubby side.


On the second morning of the course Andy arrived fresher and happier as he had confronted the chef, who had kindly turned the music off to allow a good full night’s sleep, on top of this his room had become spotless.


As the week went on Andy arrived each day with a status report on how the hotel was improving its service. On the fourth day Andy had been followed around the restaurant, Basil Fawlty-esque by the restaurant manager, who had pointed out that the pastries were freshly delivered each day and that Andy should be very careful in the foyer as housekeeping were busy cleaning up a recent spillage.


On the last day, Andy realised that this super service improvement had not just been the result of their desire to please the customer. He had left a couple of Health and Safety Management text books on the desk in his hotel room during the day as they were too big to get into his brief case. Andy was also the kind of chap who wears suit and tie each day too, are you starting to get the picture? ….word had spread that the Safety Inspector was in the building and every member of staff was now on the lookout for him, staying by his side at every opportunity to ensure that no harm befell him and any hazards were quickly dealt with.


As David’s last blog said, it was lovely that the story unfolded for us every morning and Andy delivered it like a situation comedy as we met over our first cuppa of the day, leaving us in fits of giggles. Today I read Andy’s course evaluation form; “This course was interesting, informative and fun”, he said “all training should be like this”. I wonder if he realised how he had contributed to the course and to the whole group’s experience.