Are you being “fabulous” darling? by Fiona Horne

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As I mentioned in my last blog, I have been busy putting together a public speaking training programme and having an absolute blast with it. I have been making the most of youtube in researching the techniques of different speakers and find it fascinating. One of the threads led me to Sir Ken Robinson who, I am ashamed to say, I had not been aware of thus far, but would now recommend his speeches as compulsory viewing for everyone in the education and training sector and also for any parents struggling to motivate a teenage son or daughter (sound familiar). Not least for the content of what he says but the brilliant way in which he says it. (Find the links below).

One thing that struck me about Sir Ken’s delivery is his humour, as the years go on you can notice that his timing gets slicker and had he not already become a highly successful guru in the education sector, he could quite easily have become a stand-up comedian.

I believe that there is a common thread amongst great teachers and trainers, in that deep down they all have the need to “perform”!  I have a slightly musical bias, as a member of a gospel choir, I like nothing better than to sing, dance and generally make a fool of myself at the mike.  As Sir Ken points out, we start our lives with no inhibitions and are taught, particularly in this Country, not to “show off”.  One of the things that I will be encouraging my public speaking candidates to do is to expose themselves to any form of performance, in order to practice being “fabulous” in front of an audience.  Even if it just announcing to the kids that dinner is ready.

In all seriousness, I know that I’ll never win X factor with my singing, but it makes me feel good anyway.  As a trainer, like Sir Ken, I hope I am getting slicker in my delivery.

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