Horsey Tails! By Fiona Horne

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In the midst of the horsemeat scandal, it isn’t surprising that it has been a hot topic in my food safety courses this week. So I have allowed a few minutes in the day to discuss the issues, here are just some of the views expressed by my learners:

“The Food Standards Agency really seems to have the bit between their teeth.”

“Trust the supermarkets to saddle us with a dodgy product.”

“They won’t get away with selling us horsemeat furlong.”

“You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make a burger out of it.”

“Does eating horse give you the trots?”

“The press seems to be turning this into a major event.”

“I think the suppliers are all coming up with lame excuses.”

“I think the supermarkets need to be reined in.”

“I think that the press has a point to point.”

“I’ve heard that the meat is much cheaper; you can get a couple of joints for a pony.”

“Meat suppliers need to find a new tack –tic.”

“It’s just the press stirruping up trouble.”

“Yes, they are all jumping on the band wagon.”

“This will send the customers trotting off to the butchers.”

“We should all eat and cook fresh foods instead of eating on the hoof.”

“I am always nagging my wife to buy fresh beef.”

“I think we should harness this opportunity to demand stricter controls on meat products.”

I’m pretty sure you will have some further horsy nuggets to add to my list, please feel free to get them off of your chests!