How green is your training? By Fiona Horne

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Early last year a long standing client of ours let me know that their focus for this year was going to be the achievement of ISO14001 Standard for Environmental Management and we discussed their training requirements for this. Having not ventured into this area much thus far, a steep learning curve ensued on my behalf. As a small business owner, like many I suspect, I had paid lip service to the aspects of environmental management, not really believing that we could make any significant difference.

Of course what I discovered through my studies was how the world has moved on in this field whilst I have been in my little environmental denial bubble and that Environmental management had lost its “optional” status for most businesses.

Pleased that I have now achieved my qualification, and before I start training the subject, I decided, in the true spirit of “practice what you preach” to take a closer look at our own operation in this regard. Many prospective clients are looking to us small providers to supply our Environmental Policy before they will even think about using us, so that seemed a good place to start.

Luckily we are located in a new office facility that has environmental features built in;

  • Building Management System
  • Air Source Heat Pump
  • Low energy lighting & Light level sensors
  • Rain water harvesting system for flushing the toilets
  • Wind Turbine
  • Energy Monitoring & management system (GEMMS)
  • Recycling facilities


That was taken care of, but what about our day to day procedures?  Our biggest aspects by far were our expansive use of paper and the amount of driving that we do.  In an ideal world, I could eliminate the paper issue by using a bank of ipads, that I would hand out to my learners at the beginning of each course and have a portable interactive whiteboards. I would also replace our cars with brand new fuel efficient hybrid models.  Back in the real world neither our bank account nor the majority of our learners were ready for such sweeping changes, however we have managed to take some small steps towards what I think is “reasonably Practicable”.


We have abolished flip chart paper and are using reusable magic whiteboards, which our learners love and have looked closely at the use of hand-outs, by placing some activities onto the powerpoint presentation and by making re-usable laminated versions of them. I have become a bit of green warrior throughout this experience, still working on the mileage issue though!