Keep your thermals on and be British! By Fiona Horne

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As I sit at my desk today our office complex’s wind turbine is whizzing so fast it’s making a sound similar to a chinook helicopter. It feels like any moment the blades are going to take off and land on my little car in the car park below. Fantastic that it’s generating lots of power to keep our energy usage low but more worrying is the icy cold temperatures that are accompanying the wind.

I think it is fair to say that we are more than a little fed up with the cold weather now, but part of being British means that we will huddle together for warmth and pretend it’s nothing to do with global climate change. Denial is a powerful contributor to our rather relaxed attitude to our global environmental predicament and the more I deliver the Environmental principles course the more I come across it. I am finding that candidates are either totally “on board” or totally not!

One of the great resources that I use to demonstrate this denial is a clip from a major UK news channel from 2012. There are two, let’s say, middle age gentlemen standing up to their knees in flood water outside their local pub. As they explain to the reporter that this is the second time they have been flooded out in a year and there are devastating effects the like of which they have never seen before. The reporter asks “do you think it’s a result of global warming?”  Quick as a flash the answers tumble out and it’s a definitive “NO”. “Don’t be ridiculous….” says one, “……this is just a typical British summer”…

Let me know if how the weather is affecting you and in the meantime, Keep your heating and your thermals on and stop complaining, it’s just a typical British winter!