Sports Team Performance

A successful team will be made up of a number of ingredients including players, coaching and back room staff, committee members and anyone else who can influence proceedings within the club.

As a coach, you have to blend all the above ingredients to create the recipe for success – Axiometrics assists you with this complex task.

Axiometrics identifies an individual’s thinking patterns by analysing their personal values, improving personal feedback, team dynamics (communication) and identifying recruitment parameters.

Use Axio to create one team, turning potential into performance, ability into delivery and success on the field of play.

What is Axiometrics?

  • Axiology, the science of human values, enables us to identify the internal valuing systems that influence our perceptions, decisions and actions – to clearly understand “why” we do what we do!
  • Axiometrics identifies how we are most likely to react in any given situation.  Understanding how people think is critical to knowing how they will perform for the coach and individual and the team.

Why is Axiometrics different?

  • Axio is the only assessment tool that is not subjective on the taker so it cannot be cheated or manipulated to get a specific result.
  • Axio is accessed on line and only takes 15 minutes to complete.
  • Axio has been rigorously validated for over 40 years and continues to develop through research.

 How can you benefit from Axiometrics in your club?

  • Players – Improve the 1:1 work with individuals understanding their own values and leadership qualities
  • Team – Develop team understanding using our ‘Team Dynamics Workshop’ by showing players how they think, how others think and how to get the best from each other.
  • Coaching staff – Provide staff with insight to their individual coaching style and how to relate this to getting more from players and each other
  • Academy – Assess and retain the best young talent who will thrive in your particular environment
  • Recruitment – Understand who you are recruiting, how they think and what you and they need to do to make the relationship work.